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mountain biking

Whether it’s a strenuous forestry single-track or a rollercoaster of glorious downhills and jaw-dropping views of our lake, we have it all! By the end of your mountain biking course, we’ll have you dancing on the pedals and wishing that you lived here in North Wales!

half day mountain biking

On this half day course you will have time to experience a snippet of North Wales’ beautiful scenery by bike.  Tailored to your level, it’ll get your heart rate pumping and blast some fresh air into your lungs… and nothing quite matches that lovely warm burn in your muscles at the end of it all! Minimum age: 8.

From £55.00

full day mountain biking

This activity gives you the chance to experience a different kind of land based sport. It can be very fast or can be a relaxing way of getting round and seeing more of North Wales hidden beauty spots.  Tailored to your level, it’ll contain the elements you were looking for: obstacle avoidance, relentless downhill, strenuous uphill, breath-taking views – or a gentle pootle around the lake with plenty of breaks to take photos!  Well, it is your holiday! Minimum age: 8.

From £100.00